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Do you sing along to songs you don’t know?

5 May

I do. All the time. If a song has a good beat, I’ll pretend like I know the words. If it’s catchy and pop-y, I’ll pick up the words really quickly. It’s fun but could also be embarrassing if you don’t know what you are getting into…like:

“Baby, baby, baby..oooOOoo..

Like baby, baby, baby

I thought you’d always be mine…”

Yes, this song was playing in my step class tonight..a remix of some sort and I was blatantly singing/mouthing the words to it. This continued for the duration of the song until I thought: “hm…who is singing this?”

…Yes folks, that would be teen sensation Justin Bieber.

FAIL! embarrassing.

I wear my sunglasses at night..

16 Apr

…so I can, so I can… keep track of the visions in my eyes.

I love 80’s songs, especially when they unexpectedly are played in fitness classes. This morning I went to a 9am spin class. Yes, I said 9am. Yes, it’s Saturday. Oh and did you know it has been pouring like crazy with gusty winds all morning. That, my friends, is dedication!  Truthfully, I haven’t been to this class in awhile so I thought I would make an effort today.

The instructor busted out some 80’s songs, which made the class that much more fun. I always get a bit more pumped when 80’s songs are played, the same way I get when good old school hip hop is played.



=  FUN !

I’m so sleepy now even though it’s the middle of the day and I have so much to do! Fun stuff, of course – shopping, dinner with friends, and helping the boyfriend pack for the move.

I foresee a bit of coffee in the immediate future.

Have a great Saturday!

Nothing is As Clear

27 Mar

Today, I dedicate this song to my boyfriend…

Or click here to see the video!

If you don’t know who Jamiroquai is, you’re not cool. Hahaha..jk.

Jamiroquai is one of my favourite artists and this song, with its amazing lyrics, is GOLDEN!