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4 Aug

Summer Runner

Where were we?

23 Apr

So it’s pouring right now and has been pretty much all day, which is fine because it could have been more like this:

Okay maybe not as extreme but they were calling for 2-4cm in addition to the rain and if things shifted slightly, upwards of 10cm of snow. I’m really hoping we don’t have a scare like this again. Spring is really trying hard to settle in! Plus I have the 10k race in 3 weeks and I really have no intention of running in cold weather!

Anyways, I didn’t let the soggy weather deter me from hitting gym. I got out of work 10 minutes early which made a world of difference, got to my gym and jumped on the treadmill and didn’t get off until 50 minutes later. I ran my little heart out. It was great!

Feeling spunky, I decided to check out my usual step class which had a substitute teacher today. As I started to get into it, all sweaty from my run, I thought “WTF am I doing? I just ran for almost an hour!” Plus I was hungry, so it just wasn’t going to happen.  BUT before I left the gym I remembered one thing: PLANK!

Err not that kind of plank….this kind:

I’m trying to plank more in an effort to get my abs in shape. There were no mats available so I roughed it on the dirty gym carpet and planked for over a minute. Felt like a beast! And then I left. Caught my bus with 30 seconds to spare and now all I have left to do tonight is RELAX!

What workout did you do today? 

Hunger Games and Burning Quads

25 Mar

I saw the Hunger Games on Saturday, along with many giddy teenagers. The verdict – It was a really great movie! I read the book and was eagerly anticipating seeing the movie. The boyfriend didn’t read the book but thoroughly enjoyed the movie as well and now he is planning to read the book. I still think the book was better than the movie but the movie itself was very well done. I won’t give anything away since it just opened but I recommend that you see it. It was well worth it!


In other news, this past week I have been running a lot. Why? Because I’m signed up for a 10k race!

I have never run a race before and a 10k will be a challenge. I have only ever run that distance once and it could have just been a fluke that I survived it.

On Tuesday, I ran around 6-7k with a friend. On Wednesday, I ran a crazy 7.5 k to the waterfront with another friend and then jogged/walked 7.5k to return. This friend must have not remembered that we are training for a 10k and not a half marathon! I will tell you that right in the middle of that adventure we did stop for a small bit of gelato so it wasn’t all that bad…hahaha. On Thursday, I joined the running group my brother leads and ran what was suppose to be 5k but ended up being a very fast 7k.

This week of running meant that my quads have been on FIIIIRRREEE. This occurs while walking in general, walking upstairs, walking downstairs, sitting…everything! I know it’s probably because I have done too much too fast so I hope it gets better as I continue to train.

Tomorrow the weather is dropping significantly so I’m going to do my own run on the treadmill and some Pilates afterwards to stretch myself out. I hope to run 3 times in total this week to keep up my endurance. Running and I have a love-hate relationship but I do enjoy a challenge!


Sunday Brunch and the S Bowl

5 Feb

Everything seems to feel better after brunch. I worked on the biscuits while the boyfriend made the eggs.

In other news and to follow-up with my last post, I did manage to go to the gym on Friday night after all. I also went again on Saturday morning. Not sure what got into me but I got some good workouts in and also my butt hurts a lot as result. It continued to hurt today while I went on a long walk after the above brunch. No pain, no gain, right? ha ha.

Did everyone enjoy the Super Bowl?  Whenever I actually try to watch football I’m distracted by the tights. All I see is the footballers butts in tights. Above anything else, it just looks hilarious! So, I really only tuned in for Madonna and friends. Did everyone like her performance?

Does this woman ever age? You know she is 53 years old, right?

A Return to Normalcy

2 Feb

My cold is finally disappearing…for good, I hope. I just came back from the doctor and he thinks I’m in the clear but also reports that I probably had three different infections going on during the course of last month. I’ve literally had a cold from Jan 4th – Jan 31st.

While I’ve been sick, my workouts have been obviously sporadic. Well really since before I left for Asia in mid-December my visits to the gym have been seriously lacking. In the process, I’ve lost a lot of my motivation. I use to be able to go to the gym 3-4 times a week, no problem. If I felt like doing something extra, I would get up early before work and crunch out some abs workouts or do Pilates. Now, I wake up and I head straight to the shower. Working out in the morning seems like a laughing matter now and thinking about the gym makes me anxious – like it’s forced.

Anyone know how to get me out of this funk?

I’m aiming to head to the gym tomorrow but I would not be surprised if I thought up an excuse not to go. Also, it’s a Friday, so that’s not working in my favour either. Haha.


Fitness #Fail

31 Oct
  1. Looking like a loser because I refuse to take off my headphones while rinsing my hands and face après workout. It really is a fine art trying to splash water up to your face while keeping your headphone cord out of the change room sink. Picture a duck moving its head back and forth. Yep…that was me.
  2. Starting a new fitness goal while PMSing. Today is DAY 1. I better not be craving chocolate on DAY 2!
  3. Feeling like a rockstar lifting the heavier weights during lunges and then spraining/straining my hand muscles right in the middle of it all. I’m pretty much typing with one hand right now… okay, one hand and a thumb.

What foolishness did you get into
 at the gym today?

This is what the gym looks like without my glasses

22 Aug



Went to step class wearing my glasses today. I usually wear contacts, so the glasses felt weird. Decided to take them off and realized how crazy blind I am! I think I only survived because I’ve pretty much memorized the step combinations.


Belly Dancing

17 Aug

I decided to go to a belly dance class at my gym tonight

I love dancing and have done numerous types of dance growing up but never belly dancing. It was an experience!


There were plenty of moves that were challenging. I realized that my body doesn’t like to move in certain ways. There were lots of awkward moments but I wasn’t alone. Almost everyone was giggling at some point.

hip… hip…hip

By the second half of the class I got the hang of things..sort of. My arms hurt like crazy though and my butt and abs were getting their own little workout. The instructor was really fun and there was a nice relaxed atmosphere in the class.  It was definitely a nice break from running. I may try this class again!

Working It Out – Week is Complete

6 Aug


My workout week is done!

I successfully completed what I set out to do: Workout hard Tues-Fri. I definitely don’t recommend working out 4 days in a row (if you are not use to it). It takes a lot of determination.

In my last post I mentioned that I was going to a step class on Thursday. Well, the instructor forgot his step music and asked if wanted to do weights or cardio instead. I quickly spoke up and said cardio! I said it loud enough to drown out the girl beside me who was shouting weights. Haha! So he turned the class into bootcamp and worked us to the max. I was sweating everywhere! It was crazy. We did stairs, jumping on elevated steps, burpees, mountain climbers..all the horrrible stuff. I also squeezed in some upper body strength training beforehand and some abs after class.

Yesterday I did my own thing: 20 minutes on the treadmill and 40 minutes on the elliptical and I woke up early this morning to do some abs and stretching. Check, check, check!

So now I am done! I might do a Pilates video tomorrow but otherwise I’m going to relax.

I actually plan on continuing my hardcore workouts consistently (4 days a week) for at least 21 days as that is how many days it takes to form a habit…or so I hear.

Happy Weekend!

Working It Out – Update

3 Aug

I went to the gym on Tuesday as planned. Unfortunately my stomach was a bit unsettled. This really pissed me off because I was so pumped. Must have been my weird food choices during the day: canned beans, handful of unsalted peanuts that were unusally greasy, and an assortment of olives from the olive bar at Whole Foods…

Anyway, I managed to stretch my run until the 30 minute mark and the only reason I got through the next 30 minutes on the elliptical was by watching one of those entertainment shows. The time actually flew by. After this, I was done like dinner. I did not want to do weights or abs. I just wanted to lie down and sip on gingerale.

Today (Day 2 of 4), I killed it! I ran for about 43 minutes. It was a struggle but I definitely felt a lot stronger at the half way mark and I sweat like crazy..eewww! I was thinking of continuing on the treadmill but my legs were feeling weird so I thought it best to jump on the bike instead and spent the remaining 15 minutes there. Super sweaty by this point, I did about 4 lower body strength exercises, which I will definitely feel over the next couple of days.

I felt amazing, energized and tired at the same time. However, by the time I got home my body felt weak and I think I had some sort of low-blood sugar episode of dizziness. Does this ever happen to anyone? Not good. I didn’t think I overdid it, but perhaps I did. It also could be because I forgot to eat a snack before I hit the gym.

I’m still geared up for tomorrow (Day 3/4) but I’m going to change things up by going to a step class. After, I will attempt some upper body weight training action.

Oh and did I mention that I did a Pop Pilates abs workout this morning? Nothing like sweating first thing in the morning..hahaa. You can catch all of Cassey Ho’s Pop Pilates workouts and her blog here. My goal is to try them all! They are challenging but she makes the workout fun!

PS – That post a couple of days ago about me being sick was no joke. I woke up sick Sunday morning but by Monday afternoon I was completely fine! Miracle!! I still have some sniffles here and there but it feels more like allergies then a cold.