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It’s Saturday!

3 Mar

And I’m bored!

I ended up having no plans tonight. I’m also unmotivated to do anything but watch TV, veg and surf the net.

I’m such an exciting and interesting person right now. 

The rest of the night I’m going to continue watching this made for TV movie that’s pretending to take place in Australia but was clearly filmed in Toronto and later, continue reading the Hunger Games. It’s a fantastic book so far and I want to finish it before the movie comes out!

Peace out!

It wouldn’t be a holiday without..

20 Feb


 I just cannot get enough of this movie.

 It’s one of those movies that you can watch anytime. A classical favourite. Just like Ghostbusters and Jurassic Park! I’m sure there are many more movies that I can add to this category but the commercial break is done, so I’m outta here!

Happy Family Day, Canadians!

Happy President’s Day, Americans!

Rest of the world: errr…Sorry you had to work today.

Sunday Brunch and the S Bowl

5 Feb

Everything seems to feel better after brunch. I worked on the biscuits while the boyfriend made the eggs.

In other news and to follow-up with my last post, I did manage to go to the gym on Friday night after all. I also went again on Saturday morning. Not sure what got into me but I got some good workouts in and also my butt hurts a lot as result. It continued to hurt today while I went on a long walk after the above brunch. No pain, no gain, right? ha ha.

Did everyone enjoy the Super Bowl?  Whenever I actually try to watch football I’m distracted by the tights. All I see is the footballers butts in tights. Above anything else, it just looks hilarious! So, I really only tuned in for Madonna and friends. Did everyone like her performance?

Does this woman ever age? You know she is 53 years old, right?

Asia Recap and Sunday Lunch

22 Jan

So where was I ?

Right so last month this happened:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I mentioned last post, I went to Asia. It was such an amazing trip. I’ve never been before and it opened my eyes up to a lot of new things. The food was yummy and interesting. Stinky Tofu, for instance, is not something I like. Taiwanese sausage, however, is super yummy. There was also a bit of culture shock. I also never thought I would be able to shop so much! My friend and I ended up buying an extra suitcase to take home and there was a last minute scramble when I found out my own suitcase was overweight at the airport. The highlight of the trip was being a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding in Taipei. We had such a fun time from trying on our dresses at the dress shop to getting our nails and hair done. The bride was beautiful and the wedding was super fancy and just perfect. I will definitely be returning to Asia soon.

Back to reality and back to winter! Brr. Things are really starting to cool down here and get snowy. For lunch today, I thought I would try something different and get back in the kitchen.  I knew I needed to get some veggies in my diet so I spiced things up a bit with this recipe.
It tasted great! I added a piece of roast beef to it and yum yum yum, lunch was complete:

Have a Happy Sunday!

ps-There is cauliflower in my slideshow..haha. That was a mistake that I don’t know how to fix. Oh well.

It’s Monday and I’m Okay With That

24 Oct

Where have I been?

Sometimes life gets in the way…or you just become lazy.

I have taken the week off work to recharge. I haven’t taken any vacation time all year and if I don’t use my vacay time, I lose it. I waited about a month longer than I had to so I could coordinate my time off with the boyfriend. That resulted in me getting increasingly grumpy at work as I started to yearn for the time off.  Friday I was actually whispering to myself, “just this one last day”. It was pretty bad. I don’t hate my job but it’s been a long time since I’ve had a break and things were starting to get to me big time!

So here I am. It’s Monday night and it might as well be Friday because I’M ON VACATION! Yahoo!

I’m actually taking a staycation this week since I’ve already booked a big trip in December which I’m saving my pennies for. This week will include no concrete plans and nothing too splashy. Just going to play it by ear and exercise the art of sleeping in.

So far my vacation time has included:

Toronto FC game

Browsing trendy furniture shops


Eating at Inigo …Lamb Stew and Candied Beets and Apple Salad..Mmmm

…and Zombie watching… I’ll spare you any photos since I forgot to take some, especially after the appetizing photos above.

I also celebrated a friend’s 30th birthday Saturday night, enjoyed some wine, and watched a great movie – Limitless.  I’m having fun using the condo gym at my boyfriend’s place and playing house in general since I’m not officially a resident in his suite.

Alright, I’m going to get back to being lazy. Ciao!

Summer is back in October!

10 Oct

The weather this weekend has been fantastic. For the last 4 days, it’s been really warm. On Saturday, the boyfriend and I decided to take advantage. After a yummy lunch at Cora’s, we headed over to a waterfront to relive a bit of summer. Adults, kids, dogs, birds,… EVERYONE was in the water. It was pretty cool or rather warm …the water was warm! I tested it with my fingers and was very surprised.

There is something about water, the beach, the waterfront that I love. I mentioned this to my boyfriend and he agreed right away that I am obsessed with water. It’s pretty, it’s relaxing, it totally takes you away and encourages interesting conversation.

We sat and talked for awhile, watching people water skiing, swimming and little kids playing in the sand and then decided to go walking.

Apparently, we both love long walks by the beach….

We walked around the area for hours having a really fun time but then were reminded that being by the waterfront is not all fun and games:

WHA? This is such a crazy long list. We were both rolling on floor laughing. Especially at the 2nd to last “by-law” about obnoxious behaviour. After reading that we high-tailed it out of there for fear of being caught in the act.

Hope all my fellow Canadians are having a Happy Thanksgiving weekend. I went to a huge family dinner last night and tonight will be having more turkey at home. I did some ab exercises in advance…so y’know..the bloat won’t be so bad LOL!


9 Sep

What am I doing at this exact moment on a Friday night? Waiting for the weekend to begin…

My vision of the start of my weekend was seeing the BF when he came to pick me up at the estimated time of 7:30pm. Instead he only just left and has a 2 hour drive ahead of him. Ugh!

Luckily, ma mère left me some food to devour.


Sausage, red and yellow roasted pepper, and rice on the side.


What are you doing this weekend?   



Le Weekend

5 Sep

I hope everyone had a great long weekend. Mine was super fun, packed with good friends, lots of laughs, lots of food, and lots of games. I’m so exhausted right now though having gone to bed each night around 6am!!  So for now I’ll just leave you with a couple photos.


Home on a Saturday Night

13 Aug

I am home on a Saturday night in the middle of the summer! Who am I?!

My plans got switched up today. I was suppose to hang out with the boyfriend today until he remembered that he had to help his friend move. He is still currently helping said friend in what appears to be a completely chaotic operation. Wishing him luck!

So instead, I hung out with the family today, running errands with my mom and visiting my brother downtown. He is building an enclosed deck in his backyard. It’s going to be really amazing. Here’s a photo of him and his girlfriend drilling in a plank. The tactic was to hold the plank down by having his girlfriend literally hang from the wall to hold it in place:

My back situation has pretty much cleared up but I had to stop working out after Tuesday because of it. I did treat myself to a massage on Wednesday to help remedy the situation. Massages can be amazing but I always forget that they also can be pretty painful as the RMT works out all the knots.  In the end my back (and entire body) felt really nice though…all worth it!

Tomorrow I plan to get myself to the the gym or go running outside. I haven’t decided yet. But all I know is that I feel a bit chunky and I don’t like it. It’s mostly because of my eating choices but I always try to remedy the situation by working out. Really need to focus on my diet already!

Anyway, did I mention that I had Friday off from work? My bestie is visiting from Moscow and she brought her Russian boyfriend along. So exciting! We had such a good time, even though they were extremely jet-legged having arrived that morning. Such a cute couple… From Russia, With Love: