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Tiki Made Me Do It

6 Aug

This morning I got up, went outside and RAN. I haven’t run outside for a long while but someone inspired me…

Tiki Gelana, the 2012 women’s olympic marathon winner.
Frankly I cannot imagine how these olympians can run for over 2 hours at such a fast pace. So crazy. So if they can do that, then I can run around my neighbourhood several times!
Plus the temperature dropped 10 degrees today so I really had no excuse.


4 Aug

Summer Runner

Where were we?

23 Apr

So it’s pouring right now and has been pretty much all day, which is fine because it could have been more like this:

Okay maybe not as extreme but they were calling for 2-4cm in addition to the rain and if things shifted slightly, upwards of 10cm of snow. I’m really hoping we don’t have a scare like this again. Spring is really trying hard to settle in! Plus I have the 10k race in 3 weeks and I really have no intention of running in cold weather!

Anyways, I didn’t let the soggy weather deter me from hitting gym. I got out of work 10 minutes early which made a world of difference, got to my gym and jumped on the treadmill and didn’t get off until 50 minutes later. I ran my little heart out. It was great!

Feeling spunky, I decided to check out my usual step class which had a substitute teacher today. As I started to get into it, all sweaty from my run, I thought “WTF am I doing? I just ran for almost an hour!” Plus I was hungry, so it just wasn’t going to happen.  BUT before I left the gym I remembered one thing: PLANK!

Err not that kind of plank….this kind:

I’m trying to plank more in an effort to get my abs in shape. There were no mats available so I roughed it on the dirty gym carpet and planked for over a minute. Felt like a beast! And then I left. Caught my bus with 30 seconds to spare and now all I have left to do tonight is RELAX!

What workout did you do today? 

Summer is back in October!

10 Oct

The weather this weekend has been fantastic. For the last 4 days, it’s been really warm. On Saturday, the boyfriend and I decided to take advantage. After a yummy lunch at Cora’s, we headed over to a waterfront to relive a bit of summer. Adults, kids, dogs, birds,… EVERYONE was in the water. It was pretty cool or rather warm …the water was warm! I tested it with my fingers and was very surprised.

There is something about water, the beach, the waterfront that I love. I mentioned this to my boyfriend and he agreed right away that I am obsessed with water. It’s pretty, it’s relaxing, it totally takes you away and encourages interesting conversation.

We sat and talked for awhile, watching people water skiing, swimming and little kids playing in the sand and then decided to go walking.

Apparently, we both love long walks by the beach….

We walked around the area for hours having a really fun time but then were reminded that being by the waterfront is not all fun and games:

WHA? This is such a crazy long list. We were both rolling on floor laughing. Especially at the 2nd to last “by-law” about obnoxious behaviour. After reading that we high-tailed it out of there for fear of being caught in the act.

Hope all my fellow Canadians are having a Happy Thanksgiving weekend. I went to a huge family dinner last night and tonight will be having more turkey at home. I did some ab exercises in advance…so y’know..the bloat won’t be so bad LOL!

Today = Humid

10 Jul

I was just thinking this same thing…

…today is stupid humid!

Drop Down And Give Me 20!

23 Mar

…Well actually this morning I did 52 pushups in total as part of the Pipes Challenge. I have already done 2 of the 3 workouts for this first week. What is helping me stay on track? Laying out my yoga mat before I go to bed so there are no excuses in the morning. And while I’m down there I’ve been pumping out some sit-ups as well.

After my morning pushups I had a fun time in the snow today … Lots and lots of glorious, wet, heavy, annoying, flakes in my eyes, white snow. I thought it was supposed to be Spring, dammit! I have been seriously contemplating flying to the Bahamas for a weekend… Whose with me?

For now I thought I’d leave you with this:

Q: What does Nat do after enjoying a filling breakfast of oatmeal, a nutritious snack of grapes and plum, and a healthy, although unusual, lunch of beets and hard boiled eggs??

A: She eats 5 Timbits and calls it dinner! 🙂

A là prochaine…


9 Mar

Today was a positively gross day weather wise. It was raining and snowing ….at the same time. This is known as sleet. I hate sleet. It produced ample amounts of slushy grossness on the streets, icy patches on the sidewalks and an accumulation of snow everywhere else. My attempt to take a break outside lasted all of 15 minutes.

Soon, however, I forgot about the weather and focused on the satisfying food I brought with me to work today. Nothing special but still good.

Snack: Goldfish -Ideal for snack-crazed individuals like myself.

Lunch: Red Lentil and Vegetable soup with baby carrots on the side -Tasty and filling!

Snack: Coffee – Half hot chooclate/Half coffee, the only way I can drink it (, I didn’t win.)

Snack: Banana with Peanut Butter – I almost forgot I had this in my bag. It was a much welcomed surprise.

While the food improved my mood, it could not do a thing for my hair, which looked a bit like this after reacting to the wet weather.

*Sigh*…I seriously need to visit my hairdresser real soon.