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That Time I Went to the Dominican

27 Jun

Sun down in the Dominican Republic

I went to the Dominican Republic for the first time back in March 2015. It was the most chill vacation I’ve ever been on. Nothing but beach and sand and food and drinks… lots of drinks. It was also my first all-inclusive experience. I didn’t know quite what to do with myself but I quickly got into relaxation mode. When we got to the resort my first thought, as it always is on any tropical island, was where’s the beach? I love the ocean. I need the ocean. It is my happy place.


The resort was amazing. There were cabana beds and pools galore and plenty of entertainment. You were never bored.


But the beach is where I enjoyed myself and will always enjoy myself the most. I did not once go into the pools. They just weren’t appealing to me when you have the ocean right there. I couldn’t get enough of lounging by the water, playing in the waves, swimming, and trying to get my non-swimmer boyfriend into deeper water ..haha. It was the best time!

View of the Beach

Ocean's Edge

Beach View from Cabana Bed

Until next time..

Asia Recap and Sunday Lunch

22 Jan

So where was I ?

Right so last month this happened:

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As I mentioned last post, I went to Asia. It was such an amazing trip. I’ve never been before and it opened my eyes up to a lot of new things. The food was yummy and interesting. Stinky Tofu, for instance, is not something I like. Taiwanese sausage, however, is super yummy. There was also a bit of culture shock. I also never thought I would be able to shop so much! My friend and I ended up buying an extra suitcase to take home and there was a last minute scramble when I found out my own suitcase was overweight at the airport. The highlight of the trip was being a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding in Taipei. We had such a fun time from trying on our dresses at the dress shop to getting our nails and hair done. The bride was beautiful and the wedding was super fancy and just perfect. I will definitely be returning to Asia soon.

Back to reality and back to winter! Brr. Things are really starting to cool down here and get snowy. For lunch today, I thought I would try something different and get back in the kitchen.  I knew I needed to get some veggies in my diet so I spiced things up a bit with this recipe.
It tasted great! I added a piece of roast beef to it and yum yum yum, lunch was complete:

Have a Happy Sunday!

ps-There is cauliflower in my slideshow..haha. That was a mistake that I don’t know how to fix. Oh well.

And I’m back…

1 Jan


I spent New Years Eve dancing the night away at a friend’s house party. Great friends, great food, really great music – it was a really fun night. Needless to say, I woke up in the afternoon and didn’t fully get up until the late afternoon. It was so dark outside by the time I left the house (due to rain and the fact that it’s winter) that I pretty much did not experience any daylight today. So weird! How did you spend the last hours of 2011?

Oh and also – I was in Asia over Christmas!! Hong Kong, Macau, and Taipei to be exact. Here is a preview  — more to come..




It’s Monday and I’m Okay With That

24 Oct

Where have I been?

Sometimes life gets in the way…or you just become lazy.

I have taken the week off work to recharge. I haven’t taken any vacation time all year and if I don’t use my vacay time, I lose it. I waited about a month longer than I had to so I could coordinate my time off with the boyfriend. That resulted in me getting increasingly grumpy at work as I started to yearn for the time off.  Friday I was actually whispering to myself, “just this one last day”. It was pretty bad. I don’t hate my job but it’s been a long time since I’ve had a break and things were starting to get to me big time!

So here I am. It’s Monday night and it might as well be Friday because I’M ON VACATION! Yahoo!

I’m actually taking a staycation this week since I’ve already booked a big trip in December which I’m saving my pennies for. This week will include no concrete plans and nothing too splashy. Just going to play it by ear and exercise the art of sleeping in.

So far my vacation time has included:

Toronto FC game

Browsing trendy furniture shops


Eating at Inigo …Lamb Stew and Candied Beets and Apple Salad..Mmmm

…and Zombie watching… I’ll spare you any photos since I forgot to take some, especially after the appetizing photos above.

I also celebrated a friend’s 30th birthday Saturday night, enjoyed some wine, and watched a great movie – Limitless.  I’m having fun using the condo gym at my boyfriend’s place and playing house in general since I’m not officially a resident in his suite.

Alright, I’m going to get back to being lazy. Ciao!