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It’s Saturday!

3 Mar

And I’m bored!

I ended up having no plans tonight. I’m also unmotivated to do anything but watch TV, veg and surf the net.

I’m such an exciting and interesting person right now. 

The rest of the night I’m going to continue watching this made for TV movie that’s pretending to take place in Australia but was clearly filmed in Toronto and later, continue reading the Hunger Games. It’s a fantastic book so far and I want to finish it before the movie comes out!

Peace out!

At this moment..

16 Feb

..I am munching on SPICY plantain chips that pretty much look like this.
My mouth is on FIRE! But they are oooh so good!

I am also watching this very teenage-y show.
I can’t explain why I’m so into it. I totally feel like I’m 17 again…haha.

How are you spending your Thursday night?