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17 Jun

Sometimes this happens…

This image should be multiplied by 1,000 but I’m too lazy to do so (..due to the chip coma I’m in.)

….When you were really hoping this would happen

She looks so much happier then I feel right now..haha. Plus, she’s also getting a good bicep workout while holding up that heavy bowl of fruit.’s a win-win.

Let this be a lesson to MYSELF! OD-ing on chips is never a good thing.


My job is making me fat …a.k.a. I have no willpower.

10 Jun

The Meeting Leftovers

This is the food that is placed on the communal table that happens to be right in front of my desk. It comes from breakfast meetings, lunch meetings, and afternoon, “why do we even need snacks in this meeting” meetings.  When the meeting is finished, it all comes back to my office space.

Sample Leftovers:
-sandwiches and wraps in all shapes and sizes
-assortment of cookies
-blueberry, apple, cherry danishes
-assortment of muffins
-chocolate, cheese and butter croissants

 The Catered Affair

We have been having a lot of events at my work lately –parties if you will, that are professionally catered with hot and cold food, wine, etc. When the event winds down, we assess how much food is left and so not to have it be a complete waste, our real task of the night kicks in – eating what’s left!  Well, it’s not that drastic. We usually try to give it away to the students who helped work the event but since by the end of the event our job is done, we do tend to indulge a bit before it goes in the trash.

Sample Catered Goodness:
-crackers and cheese
-baked goods of every kind
-chicken skewers
-mini pizzas
-fruit and veggies with dip

The Baker’s Goodies

This is the co-worker who likes to bake but is smart enough to not get herself fat and as a result unloads her goodies on her unsuspecting colleagues. I had one of these at my old work. She claimed that she was allergic to sugar and flour etc. and couldn’t eat the cookies she made, so we all had to. Maybe she was indeed allergic to sugar because the sheer amount she put in them was shocking! Bless her heart.

A couple of days ago my colleague unloaded chocolate chip coconut squares. They were nowhere near healthy judging from the yummy buttery sugar base. When she brought them over she kind of plopped them on the communal table saying: “Here you go!” I think she was really saying: “Damn I overdosed on these over the weekend and it sure as hell cannot continue! Be gone sugary goodness!”

The Popular Coworker

This is when your colleague becomes your favourite person in the office by bringing in some purchased treat just for kicks: “Here’s your morning pick me up guys. Enjoy!” or “What a tough afternoon, this will make it all better!”

Sample Offerings:
-multiple Tim Horton’s Timbits
-Twizzlers Licorice


The Manger’s Bounty

I think part of the way my manager presents herself as a friendly person is the ever-present candy at her desk – always at least two varieties. She sometimes grabs a handful to share during a small meeting but usually they are there in front her desk, for people to graze over during a meeting in her office. And the best part – people, including me at times, have a tendency to go into her office just to grab some candy – both when she is there and when she is not!

Sample Bounty:
-Werther’s Originals
-Riesen Chocolate
-Hersey’s Kisses


So… you can see how my willpower is a bit strained.

What is your workplace feeding you? Do you exercise willpower?

Heavily Impressionable…Easily Influenced

12 Feb

I have noticed that more and more when I see something, I want it. This mainly has to do with food. I am an advertiser’s dream.

When I’m walking in the mall, for example, and see someone with coffee – suddenly I want coffee! It’s become so bad that my boyfriend only has to look around to see what I’m referencing to understand my sudden need for a, b or c.

Commercials are the worst. I see chocolate – I want chocolate. I see cake – I want cake. I see cupcakes – I want cupcakes. It’s mainly the bad things too…there are no sudden cravings for salad, unfortunately.


Blogs are another issue. I follow A LOT of food bloggers partly because I love food and partly because I want/need to learn how to cook.  However, I am easily influenced into thinking that chocolate fudge s’mores in a mug is exactly what I need right now! Or peach pie would be really awesome to dig into this afternoon. Or maybe I should make these chocolate peanut butter cups for my family…which really means two for them and the rest for me because I’m such a squirrel.

Anyone else like this?



I did what?

11 May

I just convinced my mom NOT to bring home fudge from Niagara-on-the-Lake.

And by fudge I mean the fudge from the Maple Leaf Fudge store that always tastes amazing in any flavour. And I can say that because I’ve practically tried them all!

Who am I and what did I do with Nat?!

Willpower? Self-control? Where are you guys?!

26 Apr

So as much as I have been trying, I have not yet seemed to control my recent bad snacking habits! I am no match for the chocolate brownie cupcakes that my coworker made (had one today and one yesterday) or the French macarons (my favourite!) that magically appeared in the office (had one today…okay 3!).

Even though my gym routine has returned to normal, more or less, my bad snacking habits seem to have ingrained themselves into my diet.

I’m hoping to counter this problem by bringing lots of healthy snacks to work. However, I have to do this skillfully to make sure I actually eat them! For example, I plan on taking a banana with peanut butter to work tomorrow, which is nutritious, filling and dessert-like. This snack should work well. An orange, on the other hand, will not work because I know I have no desire to peel it and get my fingers messy eating it. Plus, what usually ends up happening is that the poor orange gets thrown into the fridge to snack on “later”.  The reject then sits there for weeks until I remember where I put it and by that time it’s old and lumpy and ready to throw away.

If anyone has healthy snack ideas that are not labourious to prepare or complicated travel to work with – let me know!

Today, I was inspired by this blogpost by Janetha over at Meals and Moves. I even sent a link to my boyfriend to read (who unfortunately probably deleted it thinking I was sending him random nonsense again).

In any case, I am going to put myself to the test tomorrow and challenge my super weak willpower:

For at least ONE day, I will try not to eat anything sugary/unhealthy.

Yes, it has become that bad.

I’m announcing it here in the hope that it makes me accountable. Crossing my fingers…and my toes that I can do this!

I Have a Large Bag of Gummy Bears in My Purse!

5 Mar

It was Friday and I like treats on Friday and for some reason I don’t really think of gummy bears as being “bad for you”.  They are this yummy composition of chewy goodness that makes my taste buds happy. While I don’t have them often, when I do, I feel no guilt… that is until I eat too much.

A certain someone likes to remind me, as I curl over in pain from food related incidents: “Nat, you are a glutton for punishment!” The bears turned evil in my stomach and it didn’t help that I had a big dinner of veggies and steak beforehand. I had dreams about those bears organizing themselves and building a fort in my tummy to prepare an attack on my insides. Was that too graphic?

These bears were purchased at the bulk food section at Whole Foods. I got the non-organic fruit juice kind. Thank goodness I found them because last time I got the organic variety and it cost me a pretty penny. The cashier was just as surprised as me with the price but I didn’t want to put them back and appear like I didn’t know what I was buying…

When I visited Germany a couple of years ago, my friend and I pigged out on these gummy bears. I love me some Haribo! Come to think of it, I do remember getting a massive tummy ache shortly thereafter. This was right before I was set to go on a long train ride to Belgium.  Not fun!