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17 Jun

Sometimes this happens…

This image should be multiplied by 1,000 but I’m too lazy to do so (..due to the chip coma I’m in.)

….When you were really hoping this would happen

She looks so much happier then I feel right now..haha. Plus, she’s also getting a good bicep workout while holding up that heavy bowl of fruit.’s a win-win.

Let this be a lesson to MYSELF! OD-ing on chips is never a good thing.


Chips, anyone?

15 Mar

Wait! No, I didn’t trick you. Promise.

So just what are you looking at?

Kale Chips!

So Good!

Healthy, delicious and close enough to chips to make me happy!

Check out this video to learn how to make them or follow these easy-peasy instructions:

Preheat oven to 300. Wash kale thoroughly. Dry kale thoroughly. Tear kale up into pieces. In a bowl, mix kale with a little bit of oil (less than a tablespoon) and shake on a bit of sea salt.  Spread kale out on baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutes and Get Crunching!

Asia Recap and Sunday Lunch

22 Jan

So where was I ?

Right so last month this happened:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I mentioned last post, I went to Asia. It was such an amazing trip. I’ve never been before and it opened my eyes up to a lot of new things. The food was yummy and interesting. Stinky Tofu, for instance, is not something I like. Taiwanese sausage, however, is super yummy. There was also a bit of culture shock. I also never thought I would be able to shop so much! My friend and I ended up buying an extra suitcase to take home and there was a last minute scramble when I found out my own suitcase was overweight at the airport. The highlight of the trip was being a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding in Taipei. We had such a fun time from trying on our dresses at the dress shop to getting our nails and hair done. The bride was beautiful and the wedding was super fancy and just perfect. I will definitely be returning to Asia soon.

Back to reality and back to winter! Brr. Things are really starting to cool down here and get snowy. For lunch today, I thought I would try something different and get back in the kitchen.  I knew I needed to get some veggies in my diet so I spiced things up a bit with this recipe.
It tasted great! I added a piece of roast beef to it and yum yum yum, lunch was complete:

Have a Happy Sunday!

ps-There is cauliflower in my slideshow..haha. That was a mistake that I don’t know how to fix. Oh well.

Quick Update

28 Apr

Yesterday I did not have any sugary treats or unhealthy food in general! Woohoo. I did it and it felt good but I really had to work hard, especially at 3pm when I g0t bored and wanted to procrastinate by eating :S

Today I did okay. I did have a little treat in the morning as things got a bit stressful. In the afternoon, however, I was feeling really snacky while on my break but decided to get a manicure instead! Then when I returned, I realized I wasn’t even hungry! I just drank some tea and didn’t feel hungry until 2 hours later. Here’s the manicure that saved me from the unnecessary snackage:

Looks kinda orange in my impromptu blurry iphone photo but it’s more pink than orange. Love it and the manicure was only $15!

So tomorrow I am suppose to do my last sets of pushups for this week. I do pushups for the Pipes Challenge every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning before work and have been pretty much on schedule. Well, due to certain Royal events, I might skip Friday morning and postpone it to Saturday. Anyone else watching?

Willpower? Self-control? Where are you guys?!

26 Apr

So as much as I have been trying, I have not yet seemed to control my recent bad snacking habits! I am no match for the chocolate brownie cupcakes that my coworker made (had one today and one yesterday) or the French macarons (my favourite!) that magically appeared in the office (had one today…okay 3!).

Even though my gym routine has returned to normal, more or less, my bad snacking habits seem to have ingrained themselves into my diet.

I’m hoping to counter this problem by bringing lots of healthy snacks to work. However, I have to do this skillfully to make sure I actually eat them! For example, I plan on taking a banana with peanut butter to work tomorrow, which is nutritious, filling and dessert-like. This snack should work well. An orange, on the other hand, will not work because I know I have no desire to peel it and get my fingers messy eating it. Plus, what usually ends up happening is that the poor orange gets thrown into the fridge to snack on “later”.  The reject then sits there for weeks until I remember where I put it and by that time it’s old and lumpy and ready to throw away.

If anyone has healthy snack ideas that are not labourious to prepare or complicated travel to work with – let me know!

Today, I was inspired by this blogpost by Janetha over at Meals and Moves. I even sent a link to my boyfriend to read (who unfortunately probably deleted it thinking I was sending him random nonsense again).

In any case, I am going to put myself to the test tomorrow and challenge my super weak willpower:

For at least ONE day, I will try not to eat anything sugary/unhealthy.

Yes, it has become that bad.

I’m announcing it here in the hope that it makes me accountable. Crossing my fingers…and my toes that I can do this!

episodes in emotional eating

13 Mar

I’m proud to say that this weekend I really put some serious effort into focusing on my eating. Lately I’ve been snacking a lot more than necessary and on weekends… well, it’s game over. Weekends are my downfall, hands down.

It all started when I stumbled across this blog post on emotional eating late Friday night. I got sucked in by her experience and her helpful advice and came to the realization that I have been doing some serious emotional eating lately.

Upset? I eat. Happy? I eat. Stressed? I eat. Bored? I eat.

So yesterday and today I completely monitored the situation and ate really healthy and snacked like a normal human being. What got me through it? Chugging LOTS of water, making sure I had protein in most of my meals and oh, I rediscovered smart pop popcorn (the 100 calorie snack-size version).

This weekend, I also went to a cardio kickboxing class in the middle of the day. Normally on weekends, if I go to the gym, I try to get it out of the way early in morning to make time for other activities.

9am spin class, check!..11am step class? check!…2:15pm kick box?..err

I went with my friend and we had a lot of fun.  It was great to break up my day, which was otherwise filled with never ending studying. I was refreshed and definitely not thinking about snacking on bad things. Man, do I feel the effects of that class. My hamstrings and inner thighs are screaming!

I will definitely have to focus more on my upper body this week, which brings up  a challenge that I will be participating in. More details to come a little later.

For now, I hope to stay on track with my emotional eating episodes.

Wish me luck!

Decisive Eating

2 Mar

Today I made one good decision with regard to healthy eating. At work we were offered some lunch from our favourite Italian vegetarian spot. The popular dish that everyone usually orders is the eggplant sandwich. It is composed of über tasty fried eggplant with tomato sauce in a warm soft kraiser bun. It’s one of those “healthy..but not really” type dishes.

I decided to opt for a salad with beets instead. I remembered the restaurant offered a dish like this in the past so I hoped for the best.  My colleague came back with a chickpea salad mixed with small slices of beets and red peppers in a simple and light olive oil based dressing. It was delicious, filling and sensible. The portion size was spot on as well.  I was quite proud of myself for this decision.

I should mention, however, that I did eat a bunch of cookies today as well… You can’t win them all!