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Where were we?

23 Apr

So it’s pouring right now and has been pretty much all day, which is fine because it could have been more like this:

Okay maybe not as extreme but they were calling for 2-4cm in addition to the rain and if things shifted slightly, upwards of 10cm of snow. I’m really hoping we don’t have a scare like this again. Spring is really trying hard to settle in! Plus I have the 10k race in 3 weeks and I really have no intention of running in cold weather!

Anyways, I didn’t let the soggy weather deter me from hitting gym. I got out of work 10 minutes early which made a world of difference, got to my gym and jumped on the treadmill and didn’t get off until 50 minutes later. I ran my little heart out. It was great!

Feeling spunky, I decided to check out my usual step class which had a substitute teacher today. As I started to get into it, all sweaty from my run, I thought “WTF am I doing? I just ran for almost an hour!” Plus I was hungry, so it just wasn’t going to happen.  BUT before I left the gym I remembered one thing: PLANK!

Err not that kind of plank….this kind:

I’m trying to plank more in an effort to get my abs in shape. There were no mats available so I roughed it on the dirty gym carpet and planked for over a minute. Felt like a beast! And then I left. Caught my bus with 30 seconds to spare and now all I have left to do tonight is RELAX!

What workout did you do today? 

A Return to Normalcy

2 Feb

My cold is finally disappearing…for good, I hope. I just came back from the doctor and he thinks I’m in the clear but also reports that I probably had three different infections going on during the course of last month. I’ve literally had a cold from Jan 4th – Jan 31st.

While I’ve been sick, my workouts have been obviously sporadic. Well really since before I left for Asia in mid-December my visits to the gym have been seriously lacking. In the process, I’ve lost a lot of my motivation. I use to be able to go to the gym 3-4 times a week, no problem. If I felt like doing something extra, I would get up early before work and crunch out some abs workouts or do Pilates. Now, I wake up and I head straight to the shower. Working out in the morning seems like a laughing matter now and thinking about the gym makes me anxious – like it’s forced.

Anyone know how to get me out of this funk?

I’m aiming to head to the gym tomorrow but I would not be surprised if I thought up an excuse not to go. Also, it’s a Friday, so that’s not working in my favour either. Haha.


Fitness #Fail

31 Oct
  1. Looking like a loser because I refuse to take off my headphones while rinsing my hands and face après workout. It really is a fine art trying to splash water up to your face while keeping your headphone cord out of the change room sink. Picture a duck moving its head back and forth. Yep…that was me.
  2. Starting a new fitness goal while PMSing. Today is DAY 1. I better not be craving chocolate on DAY 2!
  3. Feeling like a rockstar lifting the heavier weights during lunges and then spraining/straining my hand muscles right in the middle of it all. I’m pretty much typing with one hand right now… okay, one hand and a thumb.

What foolishness did you get into
 at the gym today?

This is what the gym looks like without my glasses

22 Aug



Went to step class wearing my glasses today. I usually wear contacts, so the glasses felt weird. Decided to take them off and realized how crazy blind I am! I think I only survived because I’ve pretty much memorized the step combinations.