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My job is making me fat …a.k.a. I have no willpower.

10 Jun

The Meeting Leftovers

This is the food that is placed on the communal table that happens to be right in front of my desk. It comes from breakfast meetings, lunch meetings, and afternoon, “why do we even need snacks in this meeting” meetings.  When the meeting is finished, it all comes back to my office space.

Sample Leftovers:
-sandwiches and wraps in all shapes and sizes
-assortment of cookies
-blueberry, apple, cherry danishes
-assortment of muffins
-chocolate, cheese and butter croissants

 The Catered Affair

We have been having a lot of events at my work lately –parties if you will, that are professionally catered with hot and cold food, wine, etc. When the event winds down, we assess how much food is left and so not to have it be a complete waste, our real task of the night kicks in – eating what’s left!  Well, it’s not that drastic. We usually try to give it away to the students who helped work the event but since by the end of the event our job is done, we do tend to indulge a bit before it goes in the trash.

Sample Catered Goodness:
-crackers and cheese
-baked goods of every kind
-chicken skewers
-mini pizzas
-fruit and veggies with dip

The Baker’s Goodies

This is the co-worker who likes to bake but is smart enough to not get herself fat and as a result unloads her goodies on her unsuspecting colleagues. I had one of these at my old work. She claimed that she was allergic to sugar and flour etc. and couldn’t eat the cookies she made, so we all had to. Maybe she was indeed allergic to sugar because the sheer amount she put in them was shocking! Bless her heart.

A couple of days ago my colleague unloaded chocolate chip coconut squares. They were nowhere near healthy judging from the yummy buttery sugar base. When she brought them over she kind of plopped them on the communal table saying: “Here you go!” I think she was really saying: “Damn I overdosed on these over the weekend and it sure as hell cannot continue! Be gone sugary goodness!”

The Popular Coworker

This is when your colleague becomes your favourite person in the office by bringing in some purchased treat just for kicks: “Here’s your morning pick me up guys. Enjoy!” or “What a tough afternoon, this will make it all better!”

Sample Offerings:
-multiple Tim Horton’s Timbits
-Twizzlers Licorice


The Manger’s Bounty

I think part of the way my manager presents herself as a friendly person is the ever-present candy at her desk – always at least two varieties. She sometimes grabs a handful to share during a small meeting but usually they are there in front her desk, for people to graze over during a meeting in her office. And the best part – people, including me at times, have a tendency to go into her office just to grab some candy – both when she is there and when she is not!

Sample Bounty:
-Werther’s Originals
-Riesen Chocolate
-Hersey’s Kisses


So… you can see how my willpower is a bit strained.

What is your workplace feeding you? Do you exercise willpower?

Chips, anyone?

15 Mar

Wait! No, I didn’t trick you. Promise.

So just what are you looking at?

Kale Chips!

So Good!

Healthy, delicious and close enough to chips to make me happy!

Check out this video to learn how to make them or follow these easy-peasy instructions:

Preheat oven to 300. Wash kale thoroughly. Dry kale thoroughly. Tear kale up into pieces. In a bowl, mix kale with a little bit of oil (less than a tablespoon) and shake on a bit of sea salt.  Spread kale out on baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutes and Get Crunching!

At this moment..

16 Feb

..I am munching on SPICY plantain chips that pretty much look like this.
My mouth is on FIRE! But they are oooh so good!

I am also watching this very teenage-y show.
I can’t explain why I’m so into it. I totally feel like I’m 17 again…haha.

How are you spending your Thursday night? 

Heavily Impressionable…Easily Influenced

12 Feb

I have noticed that more and more when I see something, I want it. This mainly has to do with food. I am an advertiser’s dream.

When I’m walking in the mall, for example, and see someone with coffee – suddenly I want coffee! It’s become so bad that my boyfriend only has to look around to see what I’m referencing to understand my sudden need for a, b or c.

Commercials are the worst. I see chocolate – I want chocolate. I see cake – I want cake. I see cupcakes – I want cupcakes. It’s mainly the bad things too…there are no sudden cravings for salad, unfortunately.


Blogs are another issue. I follow A LOT of food bloggers partly because I love food and partly because I want/need to learn how to cook.  However, I am easily influenced into thinking that chocolate fudge s’mores in a mug is exactly what I need right now! Or peach pie would be really awesome to dig into this afternoon. Or maybe I should make these chocolate peanut butter cups for my family…which really means two for them and the rest for me because I’m such a squirrel.

Anyone else like this?



Sunday Brunch and the S Bowl

5 Feb

Everything seems to feel better after brunch. I worked on the biscuits while the boyfriend made the eggs.

In other news and to follow-up with my last post, I did manage to go to the gym on Friday night after all. I also went again on Saturday morning. Not sure what got into me but I got some good workouts in and also my butt hurts a lot as result. It continued to hurt today while I went on a long walk after the above brunch. No pain, no gain, right? ha ha.

Did everyone enjoy the Super Bowl?  Whenever I actually try to watch football I’m distracted by the tights. All I see is the footballers butts in tights. Above anything else, it just looks hilarious! So, I really only tuned in for Madonna and friends. Did everyone like her performance?

Does this woman ever age? You know she is 53 years old, right?

Peanut $#&^?%! Butter

8 Nov

Who likes natural peanut butter?

I do, except when the oil is super separated. This is an accident waiting to happen. Caution, my friends…


If you don’t, I promise you will get peanut butter oil all over your nicely pressed work pants and brand new top, which you don’t have the time to change out of. And after you try cleaning it off with water and soap, the smell will still be there. And then you will be paranoid all day convinced that your super strong Dior perfume that you doused yourself in is not masking anything!


It’s Monday and I’m Okay With That

24 Oct

Where have I been?

Sometimes life gets in the way…or you just become lazy.

I have taken the week off work to recharge. I haven’t taken any vacation time all year and if I don’t use my vacay time, I lose it. I waited about a month longer than I had to so I could coordinate my time off with the boyfriend. That resulted in me getting increasingly grumpy at work as I started to yearn for the time off.  Friday I was actually whispering to myself, “just this one last day”. It was pretty bad. I don’t hate my job but it’s been a long time since I’ve had a break and things were starting to get to me big time!

So here I am. It’s Monday night and it might as well be Friday because I’M ON VACATION! Yahoo!

I’m actually taking a staycation this week since I’ve already booked a big trip in December which I’m saving my pennies for. This week will include no concrete plans and nothing too splashy. Just going to play it by ear and exercise the art of sleeping in.

So far my vacation time has included:

Toronto FC game

Browsing trendy furniture shops


Eating at Inigo …Lamb Stew and Candied Beets and Apple Salad..Mmmm

…and Zombie watching… I’ll spare you any photos since I forgot to take some, especially after the appetizing photos above.

I also celebrated a friend’s 30th birthday Saturday night, enjoyed some wine, and watched a great movie – Limitless.  I’m having fun using the condo gym at my boyfriend’s place and playing house in general since I’m not officially a resident in his suite.

Alright, I’m going to get back to being lazy. Ciao!


26 Sep

Well hello there…. Want a peak? Ooh I know you do. 

Why don’t you come closer?…


Ah there you go. Welcome to my Friday night dinner.
Garnished with a sprinkling of scallions and shredded cheese.

Disclaimer: The boyfriend would want me to tell you that I was responsible for
the poorly cut scallions (and not him). They are supposed to be cut very thinly and not like the hack job seen above.

Anyway, I love chili, especially when the weather starts to get…well chilly.
You can get the recipe here. We only used half the amount of peppery stuff, chicken instead of turkey and nixed the beer because our drinks were already spiked 🙂

With fall comes yummy, hearty food like roasts and a great array of veggies. You can resist pumpkin, for example. Just put pumpkin on everything! You won’t be sorry. Mmm..I foresee something pumpkin-y in the near future.

What I am trying not to eat right about now is sweets. Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. Hahaha. But seriously, for this week, I’ve given up sweets. It’s just something that needs to be done (again!). I need to strengthen my willpower (again!). Today was HARD because as soon as I walked in the office there were two bite brownies and vanilla cupcakes. %!@#$  And in my fridge right now there are girl guide cookies and the really good kind that are mint and chocolate. #%!$%  Must be strong!

What are you eating tonight? If it’s desserty..don’t talk to me LOL…jk


Down Time

17 Sep

Today I’m not feeling so hot and I fear that my regular scheduled activites may be put on hold for the next week. Super bummed. Cross fingers I feel better for Wednesday’s Samba class!

So while I’m hanging around the house this Saturday, I’m trying to keep myself busy and not get  too bored. This morning to distract myself from some pain I’m experiencing, I decided to watch two back to back episodes of Chuck Day’s Off on the Food Network. For some reason watching cooking shows really relaxes me!

Here are a couple of dishes Chuck made on his day off:

Creamy Tomato Soup  — I’m not a big fan of tomatoes but I do enjoy tomato soup. His trick: adding a rind of parmesean cheese to the tomatoes while cooking and then of course sprinkling grated parm on top.

Grilled Cheese with Carmelized Onion — obviously the carmelized onion was the unique ingredient. Everyone on the show was like “Mmmmm!”

Everything he makes is looks yummy but he does use a lot of butter and cheeses for example and isn’t afraid to fry things. This ain’t no healthy dining. He does work in a bar, afterall. Once I made his fried stuffed olives which were delicious! However after the 4th olive…it was just too much.

Do cooking shows relax you too or just make you want to cook what they’re cooking?…Or do cooking shows make you want to eat in general? I ain’t going to lie. I’ve already decided to have some soup for dinner.

Completely unrelated but I also spent some time this morning over at Leo Babauta’s blog Zen Habits. He organized a webinar featuring Jennifer Gresham (a career guru) and discussed how to find your passion. It was really interesting.

For the rest of the afternoon I plan to continue sitting on my butt, catching up on blogs, watching some tv, reading my new book (The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein), reading fashion magazines, and cleaning out my make up bag, including cleaning all the brushes. EXCITING..hahaha.

If I was my normal self and things were going according to plan, I would have done the following this morning: an early A.M. spin class, followed by weights, or some Pop Pilates videos and then possibly a ballet class downtown.

I hope your Saturday is much more interesting.


9 Sep

What am I doing at this exact moment on a Friday night? Waiting for the weekend to begin…

My vision of the start of my weekend was seeing the BF when he came to pick me up at the estimated time of 7:30pm. Instead he only just left and has a 2 hour drive ahead of him. Ugh!

Luckily, ma mère left me some food to devour.


Sausage, red and yellow roasted pepper, and rice on the side.


What are you doing this weekend?