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Heavily Impressionable…Easily Influenced

12 Feb

I have noticed that more and more when I see something, I want it. This mainly has to do with food. I am an advertiser’s dream.

When I’m walking in the mall, for example, and see someone with coffee – suddenly I want coffee! It’s become so bad that my boyfriend only has to look around to see what I’m referencing to understand my sudden need for a, b or c.

Commercials are the worst. I see chocolate – I want chocolate. I see cake – I want cake. I see cupcakes – I want cupcakes. It’s mainly the bad things too…there are no sudden cravings for salad, unfortunately.


Blogs are another issue. I follow A LOT of food bloggers partly because I love food and partly because I want/need to learn how to cook.  However, I am easily influenced into thinking that chocolate fudge s’mores in a mug is exactly what I need right now! Or peach pie would be really awesome to dig into this afternoon. Or maybe I should make these chocolate peanut butter cups for my family…which really means two for them and the rest for me because I’m such a squirrel.

Anyone else like this?




26 Sep

Well hello there…. Want a peak? Ooh I know you do. 

Why don’t you come closer?…


Ah there you go. Welcome to my Friday night dinner.
Garnished with a sprinkling of scallions and shredded cheese.

Disclaimer: The boyfriend would want me to tell you that I was responsible for
the poorly cut scallions (and not him). They are supposed to be cut very thinly and not like the hack job seen above.

Anyway, I love chili, especially when the weather starts to get…well chilly.
You can get the recipe here. We only used half the amount of peppery stuff, chicken instead of turkey and nixed the beer because our drinks were already spiked 🙂

With fall comes yummy, hearty food like roasts and a great array of veggies. You can resist pumpkin, for example. Just put pumpkin on everything! You won’t be sorry. Mmm..I foresee something pumpkin-y in the near future.

What I am trying not to eat right about now is sweets. Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. Hahaha. But seriously, for this week, I’ve given up sweets. It’s just something that needs to be done (again!). I need to strengthen my willpower (again!). Today was HARD because as soon as I walked in the office there were two bite brownies and vanilla cupcakes. %!@#$  And in my fridge right now there are girl guide cookies and the really good kind that are mint and chocolate. #%!$%  Must be strong!

What are you eating tonight? If it’s desserty..don’t talk to me LOL…jk



9 Jul