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Decisive Eating

2 Mar

Today I made one good decision with regard to healthy eating. At work we were offered some lunch from our favourite Italian vegetarian spot. The popular dish that everyone usually orders is the eggplant sandwich. It is composed of über tasty fried eggplant with tomato sauce in a warm soft kraiser bun. It’s one of those “healthy..but not really” type dishes.

I decided to opt for a salad with beets instead. I remembered the restaurant offered a dish like this in the past so I hoped for the best.  My colleague came back with a chickpea salad mixed with small slices of beets and red peppers in a simple and light olive oil based dressing. It was delicious, filling and sensible. The portion size was spot on as well.  I was quite proud of myself for this decision.

I should mention, however, that I did eat a bunch of cookies today as well… You can’t win them all!