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14 Sep

I attended a wonderful Samba class tonight. It was so much fun. It was also challenging and made me work up a sweat…Just the kind of workouts I like!

I loved the challenge of the fast footwork and although a bit frustrating I’m super eager to make my body and butt move in counterclockwise coordination …if that makes any sense. All I can say is that this class is really going to make my body loosen up.  Right now my Samba dancing looks a bit too stiff and awkward but soon I’ll be a sexy Samba danccer!! Haha!  Watch out!

I can’t wait for the next class!

Belly Dancing

17 Aug

I decided to go to a belly dance class at my gym tonight

I love dancing and have done numerous types of dance growing up but never belly dancing. It was an experience!


There were plenty of moves that were challenging. I realized that my body doesn’t like to move in certain ways. There were lots of awkward moments but I wasn’t alone. Almost everyone was giggling at some point.

hip… hip…hip

By the second half of the class I got the hang of things..sort of. My arms hurt like crazy though and my butt and abs were getting their own little workout. The instructor was really fun and there was a nice relaxed atmosphere in the class.  It was definitely a nice break from running. I may try this class again!