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Peanut $#&^?%! Butter

8 Nov

Who likes natural peanut butter?

I do, except when the oil is super separated. This is an accident waiting to happen. Caution, my friends…


If you don’t, I promise you will get peanut butter oil all over your nicely pressed work pants and brand new top, which you don’t have the time to change out of. And after you try cleaning it off with water and soap, the smell will still be there. And then you will be paranoid all day convinced that your super strong Dior perfume that you doused yourself in is not masking anything!


Old Man by the Lake

25 Jul

Old man: Hey, those are nice shorts! Where did you get them?

Nat: Old Navy.

Old man: Oh yeah? So what do they cost… maybe $40?

Nat: Um..Actually just under $30

Old man: Wow! I love the colours! I’m going to go pick myself up a pair!

Nat: *awkwardly smiling*…. “That’s great..”

Nat’s Boyfriend: Bahahaha.. That old man shares your sense of fashion. Bahaha… You’re wearing old timer’s clothes.. Bahaha.  This made my day!.. Bahahaha.

Hmmm… What do you think? LOL.

Inside Out and Backwards Front

9 Jun

Lately I have been having trouble with my gym clothes. In my rush to get out of my work clothes and into my gym clothes, I have been having some wardrobe malfunctions. This happened once before where my pants were inside out. I felt embarrassed but no one was standing behind me on the treadmill so nothing to be too worried about. I guess I could have changed but I was already sweaty. Plus, perhaps people thought I was trying to pull off a trend such as:

This week, while getting ready for a spin class, I changed my top so fast that I put it on inside out, with the side tag very visible.  I noticed at the last second when I had a glance in the mirror on my way out of the change room.  However, I did not notice that my pants were on backwards as well!

I started off stretching before the class and wondered why I kept noticing the crotch seam. Yes, I was looking at my crotch while stretching my legs…it happens. Anyway, I had never noticed the seam so visible before and I thought it was weird. Then as I was walking to the class I felt like my pants fit a bit different. As soon as I jumped on the bike and started peddling I noticed my pants were hanging a bit low in the back as well. Then I felt the tag in the back was actually at the front and knew what was going on. I had my friend do a quick butt check to make sure I didn’t look ridiculous and continued on spinning.

Do these types of clothing malfunctions ever happen to you? It seems to be becoming a habit for me.