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I’ve Got Chocolate In My Teeth

20 Aug


I had the pleasure of enjoying some Camino chocolate this afternoon. My friend and I decided to indulge in some mint dark chocolate. She was scheduled to do some Hot Yoga later in the day and I completed a little over 8 kilometers of running this morning, so it was totally justified. Besides, dark chocolate is good for you, n’est-ce pas?

My run this morning was a great challenge. After going out for lunch and dinner in one day and as a result going to bed feeling stuffed, I thought a nice run would do me good. I woke up, put on some stylish running clothes, splashed some water on my face to ensure I was completely awake and headed out. I ran at a slow pace the majority of the way and sprinted only in the last kilometer. I also stopped to walk numerous times. The reason for my lackluster run? It was super crazy hot and as a result the heat sucked the life right out of me. I’m just proud I got out there.

I also just agreed to go running again tomorrow with a friend who is a half -marathoner! Wish me luck! After our run we will be heading to a baby shower, so maybe I’ll reward myself with a little treat at the party.

Note to self: Eat in moderation!








Chocolate Love

13 Jul


Sometimes it’s not a want, it’s a need! I believe that chocolate is very important. In moderation, of course. But seriously, who can live without it?? Oddly enough, my best friend has no interest in chocolate. I am not joking around here folks. She has no desire to eat it and would choose chips over chocolate in a heartbeat. Even her grandparents don’t understand this. I know this as a fact because I reap the benefits when they continue to gift her chocolate every Christmas.

Don’t cut chocolate out of your life. Embrace it. It will make you happy… of course if you eat too much, it might upset your stomach but wait an hour and you and chocolate will be the best of friends again 🙂  ha!

Did you eat chocolate today?  I sure did.

Nothing Like Chocolate After A Workout

21 Apr

Yep. That’s what I said.

Approximately 1 hour after my workout at the gym tonight, I decided that I wanted chocolate. Does this ever happen to you?

Enter Cadbury Dark Chocolate Burnt Almond:

Hit. The. Spot.

And now I have another weird urge…to go running tomorrow morning. No really! It’s not one of those: “I just ate a lot of chocolate and now I need to make up for it by exercising” kind of urges but instead a real longing to go for a run.

We will see if it lasts.

Note to self: charge iPod just in case.