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Busy Bee

30 Aug

No time to chat.


Too much to do. 

Seriously looking forward to the long weekend ahead. Until next time…


PS : Bees are not all what they’re cracked up to be…

…mostly because I’m afraid of them.

Running with Bugs

5 Jun

I went for a 7km run this morning with the boyfriend. We plotted out a route around his condo. The scenery included nice little neighbourhood streets, a huge mall and a mini park/forest area. All was going well until a fly flew right into my mouth! Yes, apparently bugs are loving me this weekend. First I died of fright because I hate bugs! Then I struggled to stop my boyfriend from running so he could see I was in distress. Without anymore detail, I managed to spit the fly out. Eeeeewww!

After boyfriend realized I wasn’t choking to death, he started to mock me:

How did the fly taste? Was it good? Did it taste like chicken?

Well folks, karma is a b*tch because not 5 minutes later, back into our run, a fly flew into his mouth too!! And he ended up swallowing it! Gross!!

Oooh and two minutes after that, he saved a puppy from being roadkill. I’m serious. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried! The owner was running after one of the two puppies while the second one wondered off really close to the curb of a very busy street.

The rest of the run was uneventful and we finished up in good shape, which is pretty good considering the amount of wine consumed from the night before.

Last night we tried to cook Jillian Michael’s Curried Chicken with Cilantro-Lime sauce, only we didn’t get the proper ingredients and ended up improvising and slipping in some additional veggies for good measure. It ended up being a decent meal.

Before the food, we went to get some wine. The plan was to try two different varieties…My pretend wine connisseurship backfired major. Has anyone tried a Moscato… a sparkingly Moscato? Well apparently I picked up a rosé and a white that were both this type of wine. Picture a sparkling wine, one step away from being the sweetness of an ice wine. Not what we were expecting or wanting! We ended up going back to the liquor store because none of us were going to be sipping this sparkling sugared wine!  I was super embarrassed since the same employees were there probably thinking we were big winos back for more.

We ended up choosing an old favourite: a Reisling by Sawmill Creek. So much better, which I exemplified by drinking 4 substantial glasses! 🙂



I Spent My Friday Evening at the Gym…No, really I did!

3 Jun

Yep! I switched things up a bit and decided to go to the gym after work. Felt like I needed to start my weekend with a bit more pep in my step.

I strategically set up an alarm in my calendar to pop up at 5:25pm as I was leaving work to remind/motivate me. It literally read:

“Get thee to the gym. You’ll feel fantastic afterwards!!”

Yes, I know, I’m a dork!

I decided to try a new cardio machine that I have wanted to try for some time now. It’s Friday. Not many people were at the gym. No one would notice the newbie on the stairmaster and luckily one was available.

I lasted 10 minutes! It’s impressive how you can move relatively slowly yet work up a sweat and heart rate! I actually started to increase the pace at the start because I didn’t think I was working out hard enough. Sure enough, 5 minutes later I started to feel that things were getting a bit challenging. At 10 minutes my heart was beating out of my chest and I was noticeably sweating.

Scared of what was happening, I decided to go back to my comfort zone and jumped on the elliptical for 30 min. I felt a bit silly and afterwards decided to have another go at the stairmaster. This time I lasted 15 minutes…slowing down significantly for the last 2 minutes. I was dripping with sweat and out of breath. Crazy!

The only thing I did not enjoy about the stairmaster was that I kept hitting my foot at the base of the step and could not seem to avoid. Also, I was often looking down at the steps thinking that if I didn’t, I might fall. Yes, I was that girl that didn’t run up stairs two at a time. Even now, I have to think twice about it.

I finished up my workout with 200 reps of abs! I decided I could accomplish 25 sets of 8 different  ab exercises. And I did!

I really did feel fantastic after this workout. I left the gym listening to Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys. I felt on top of the world, that was until I was set back into my place by a moth!

Yes, you heard right!

A huge MOTH attacked me while I was riding on the SUBWAY!

I looked like a fool running away from it but after awhile the other subway riders realized the reason behind my erratic movements. I don’t like moths. I’m afraid of butterflies too. I’m weird, I know.