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Art Musings I

1 Jul

One of my main loves is art.  I really enjoy looking at and studying art, finding new works and discovering interesting artists. Here are some artists’ works that I am coveting right now.

Maya Hayuk

I actually discovered this artist’s work while reading about her lawsuit against Starbucks. Her work is bold, colourfully vibrant, and visually inviting. I just want to stare at her work forever.

Alice Gallery, 2013 work in progress 12' x 20'

Alice Gallery, 2013 work in progress 12′ x 20′

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Anna Ullman, AEU Studio

I first stumbled across this painter/printmaking on Instagram and every time I would see one of her abstract creations, I would think: I want that in my house right now! I like the simplicity and monochromatic palette of her work, though if you really study them, the compositions are much more layered and complex. I can see myself buying a print in the future.

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Alea Toussaint

This artist/designer started a project of creating one print/pattern a day. The results are really fascinating. Everything she creates is inventive and refreshing. She describes the project as a challenge to explore different mediums outside of her graphic design job.

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I love sharing these finds. Will likely do so on a regular basis.

Until next time…


did you know…I Like Art

8 Aug

For those of you into Contemporary art, this made me laugh!

Love it!

Happy Monday!

An Object of Beauty

6 Mar

I read this book several weeks ago. I couldn’t put it down and finished it in a couple of days. The story follows the rise of an ambitious young woman, Lacey Yaeger, in the NYC art world. You will love this book if you:

  • Enjoy a sexy scandal
  • Have an interest in art and/or the art market
  • Like well-crafted wit and humour

Oh and did I mention that this book was written by the actor Steve Martin?  I actually had no idea that he was a bestselling author.

I have another art related novel lined up. I’m eager to read it but I may save it for next month when I have a bit more time to get wrapped up in it. I’ll be sure to report after I’m done.