New Condo Adventure

8 Sep

My good friend Julia recently moved into a new condo. …So new that construction is still being done all around the place. We visited her on the day she moved in. The pictures below are from the antics that ensued. 

How does one get stuck in a parking garage? Where is the damn exit?! 


Dazed and Confused.


Which way, which way?


Real exit? False exit? Get us out of here!


Going crazy in the parking garage.


Exit for real now?



We finally made it out of the parking garage and into the large common area, still under construction. Fits of laughter started…


Julia, imagine this was your actual condo space.

Then we hit the space age hallway and immediately transported ourselves into a sci-fi movie. 


Those lights, those lights!


Fits of laughter! Fits of laughter!

Finally we made it into the actual condo unit and quenched our thirst with some bubbly. I think it’s safe to say that we really deserved it. 


Someone is overly excited for the champs.


That cork popped like no other. It was quite impressive!

Then it was time for some food. But first, someone felt it necessary to change for the occasion. 


Julia, I want your outfit. For reals. (Please don’t make me remove this photo..haha).


Breakfast for dinner. Nom nom nom.

The End. 

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