Heavily Impressionable…Easily Influenced

12 Feb

I have noticed that more and more when I see something, I want it. This mainly has to do with food. I am an advertiser’s dream.

When I’m walking in the mall, for example, and see someone with coffee – suddenly I want coffee! It’s become so bad that my boyfriend only has to look around to see what I’m referencing to understand my sudden need for a, b or c.

Commercials are the worst. I see chocolate – I want chocolate. I see cake – I want cake. I see cupcakes – I want cupcakes. It’s mainly the bad things too…there are no sudden cravings for salad, unfortunately.


Blogs are another issue. I follow A LOT of food bloggers partly because I love food and partly because I want/need to learn how to cook.  However, I am easily influenced into thinking that chocolate fudge s’mores in a mug is exactly what I need right now! Or peach pie would be really awesome to dig into this afternoon. Or maybe I should make these chocolate peanut butter cups for my family…which really means two for them and the rest for me because I’m such a squirrel.

Anyone else like this?



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