A Return to Normalcy

2 Feb

My cold is finally disappearing…for good, I hope. I just came back from the doctor and he thinks I’m in the clear but also reports that I probably had three different infections going on during the course of last month. I’ve literally had a cold from Jan 4th – Jan 31st.

While I’ve been sick, my workouts have been obviously sporadic. Well really since before I left for Asia in mid-December my visits to the gym have been seriously lacking. In the process, I’ve lost a lot of my motivation. I use to be able to go to the gym 3-4 times a week, no problem. If I felt like doing something extra, I would get up early before work and crunch out some abs workouts or do Pilates. Now, I wake up and I head straight to the shower. Working out in the morning seems like a laughing matter now and thinking about the gym makes me anxious – like it’s forced.

Anyone know how to get me out of this funk?

I’m aiming to head to the gym tomorrow but I would not be surprised if I thought up an excuse not to go. Also, it’s a Friday, so that’s not working in my favour either. Haha.


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