Home on a Saturday Night

13 Aug

I am home on a Saturday night in the middle of the summer! Who am I?!

My plans got switched up today. I was suppose to hang out with the boyfriend today until he remembered that he had to help his friend move. He is still currently helping said friend in what appears to be a completely chaotic operation. Wishing him luck!

So instead, I hung out with the family today, running errands with my mom and visiting my brother downtown. He is building an enclosed deck in his backyard. It’s going to be really amazing. Here’s a photo of him and his girlfriend drilling in a plank. The tactic was to hold the plank down by having his girlfriend literally hang from the wall to hold it in place:

My back situation has pretty much cleared up but I had to stop working out after Tuesday because of it. I did treat myself to a massage on Wednesday to help remedy the situation. Massages can be amazing but I always forget that they also can be pretty painful as the RMT works out all the knots.  In the end my back (and entire body) felt really nice though…all worth it!

Tomorrow I plan to get myself to the the gym or go running outside. I haven’t decided yet. But all I know is that I feel a bit chunky and I don’t like it. It’s mostly because of my eating choices but I always try to remedy the situation by working out. Really need to focus on my diet already!

Anyway, did I mention that I had Friday off from work? My bestie is visiting from Moscow and she brought her Russian boyfriend along. So exciting! We had such a good time, even though they were extremely jet-legged having arrived that morning. Such a cute couple… From Russia, With Love:


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