Warm Muscles or Advil Magic?

9 Aug

I pulled my lower back muscles, among other things, yesterday during a bootcamp class. My regular step class was scheduled but the instructor was away and so the class became bootcamp. Sound familiar. (This happened last week with another step class).

Well today I felt the pain, especially sitting at my desk all day long. I therefore decided not to go to spin class simply due to the bent over position I would be in. Instead, I decided to run. I kept a comfortable pace and and alternated between 10 min running and 2 minute walking.

Ten minutes in my back felt stiff and I thought it might be wise to stop. However, sometimes I am not wise. I just really wanted to run. I toughed it out for about 10 more minutes and then BAM!..no pain.

My friend walked by and I mentioned my back issue and he said, “ha! you are smiling now because your muscles are nice and warm, but tomorrow you may be walking hunched over.” Warm muscles….hm…that’s probably correct but part of me wants to think it was something else:


I took some advil about an hour before I jumped on the treadmill to ward off any cramps that wanted to pay me a visit and ruin my run. Could it be that the Advil kicked in and made my back muscles feel nice? I mean I was on the treadmill for 62 minutes (no joke!). It probably wasn’t the advil but let me continue my story…

The wonders of Advil were first pronounced in my memory back in 2004 during a trip to Spain. I was having a lovely day in Barcelona with my brother, walking all around town when my foot started to feel funny. Next thing you know my ankle is the size of a baseball and it hurts like a b*tch to walk. I love walking. I love walking in Europe! It was a nightmare. We used our broken non-existent Spanish and managed to get some pain medication from a pharmacy. It was Advil…. in liquid capsule form! All I know is that an hour after I took it, I felt nothing. It was like I was walking on a cloud (well really inflamation but with no pain).  I walked for the rest of the day with no complaints.  Soooo….maybe my long run was because the magical Advil kicked in for just a little bit?

Anyways, advil or not, my running high ended soon after I got off the treadmill. My legs felt a bit tight and when I finally sat down to stretch, I almost fell. My leg muscles hurt and I looked like a granny trying to sit down due to the sharp pain in my low back. I did some stretches (real slow and cautious) and ended my workout there.

Let’s hope I can walk upright tomorrow 🙂

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