Working It Out – Update

3 Aug

I went to the gym on Tuesday as planned. Unfortunately my stomach was a bit unsettled. This really pissed me off because I was so pumped. Must have been my weird food choices during the day: canned beans, handful of unsalted peanuts that were unusally greasy, and an assortment of olives from the olive bar at Whole Foods…

Anyway, I managed to stretch my run until the 30 minute mark and the only reason I got through the next 30 minutes on the elliptical was by watching one of those entertainment shows. The time actually flew by. After this, I was done like dinner. I did not want to do weights or abs. I just wanted to lie down and sip on gingerale.

Today (Day 2 of 4), I killed it! I ran for about 43 minutes. It was a struggle but I definitely felt a lot stronger at the half way mark and I sweat like crazy..eewww! I was thinking of continuing on the treadmill but my legs were feeling weird so I thought it best to jump on the bike instead and spent the remaining 15 minutes there. Super sweaty by this point, I did about 4 lower body strength exercises, which I will definitely feel over the next couple of days.

I felt amazing, energized and tired at the same time. However, by the time I got home my body felt weak and I think I had some sort of low-blood sugar episode of dizziness. Does this ever happen to anyone? Not good. I didn’t think I overdid it, but perhaps I did. It also could be because I forgot to eat a snack before I hit the gym.

I’m still geared up for tomorrow (Day 3/4) but I’m going to change things up by going to a step class. After, I will attempt some upper body weight training action.

Oh and did I mention that I did a Pop Pilates abs workout this morning? Nothing like sweating first thing in the morning..hahaa. You can catch all of Cassey Ho’s Pop Pilates workouts and her blog here. My goal is to try them all! They are challenging but she makes the workout fun!

PS – That post a couple of days ago about me being sick was no joke. I woke up sick Sunday morning but by Monday afternoon I was completely fine! Miracle!! I still have some sniffles here and there but it feels more like allergies then a cold.

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