Cough, sneeze, sniff, cough

31 Jul

This last couple of weeks have been pretty busy but fun. Work has been insane but then again, I got to go NYC for a couple days which was sa – weet! Even though I was suck in a conference room each day, it was fun seeing colleagues, staying in a posh hotel and having a nice dinner out on the town.

I’ve also been doing a lot of outdoor activities lately, visiting beaches around town, nice parks, and dining out. Yesterday I went to Caribana, known now as the Caribbean Carnival …or whatever. I hate when people mess with the names of well-known events or buildings because of ownership the Rogers Centre is still the Skydome to me. Anyway, after spending an hour or two taking in the colourful floats and dancers, we relaxed for a minute and then went right back out to a fete/concert. There was lots of dancing and jumping up and singing.

And then..BAM! To throw a wrench into my long weekend fun, ..I’m suddenly sick. Blah.

One Response to “Cough, sneeze, sniff, cough”

  1. marcytootimid July 31, 2011 at 3:14 PM #

    Sounds like you were having a lot of fun. Hope you feel better!

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