Inside Out and Backwards Front

9 Jun

Lately I have been having trouble with my gym clothes. In my rush to get out of my work clothes and into my gym clothes, I have been having some wardrobe malfunctions. This happened once before where my pants were inside out. I felt embarrassed but no one was standing behind me on the treadmill so nothing to be too worried about. I guess I could have changed but I was already sweaty. Plus, perhaps people thought I was trying to pull off a trend such as:

This week, while getting ready for a spin class, I changed my top so fast that I put it on inside out, with the side tag very visible.  I noticed at the last second when I had a glance in the mirror on my way out of the change room.  However, I did not notice that my pants were on backwards as well!

I started off stretching before the class and wondered why I kept noticing the crotch seam. Yes, I was looking at my crotch while stretching my legs…it happens. Anyway, I had never noticed the seam so visible before and I thought it was weird. Then as I was walking to the class I felt like my pants fit a bit different. As soon as I jumped on the bike and started peddling I noticed my pants were hanging a bit low in the back as well. Then I felt the tag in the back was actually at the front and knew what was going on. I had my friend do a quick butt check to make sure I didn’t look ridiculous and continued on spinning.

Do these types of clothing malfunctions ever happen to you? It seems to be becoming a habit for me.

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