What I’ve Been Up To Lately

29 May


1. Trying out new outfits:










Clothing items of interest: MaxMara studio skirt purchased on the cheap from Marshalls, Michael Kors stiletto heels in deep purple and über cheap Forever 21 blazer










Jacket and silk blouse from Femme de Carrière – one on sale 🙂 and the other one not so much 😦 Skirt is from Zara, purchased for $6 after gift card.  I was also wearing new shoes (one of 3 pairs) that I got from this crazy shoe sale held at the Markham Fair Grounds last weekend. Picture a huge warehouse filled with 20,000 pairs of shoes, with new ones coming out every half hour. It was pretty crazy.

2. Travelling to New Places:











My boyfriend and I decided to go on a road trip. Only we didn’t really plan exactly where we would be travelling to. Niagara was discussed. Oakville was mentioned. Instead, however, we ended up in Guelph. We simply drove through, only stopping for coffee, since there was really nothing much to do. However, they do have a lot of nice green space with parks, ponds and trails. We also drove by a really nice church. The overcast weather really brought out it’s Gothic-ness.

Since we weren’t really feeling Guelph, we drove for awhile in the other direction and ended up at Frenchman’s Bay. It was really nice to be right on the water.


















3. Cooking up Yummy Food:









Pita chips to start, naturally. This time we sprinkled a bit of cheese on them.









Them we made a really nice summer salad by throwing in some corn, chicken breast, cucumbers, green peppers and almond silvers. It was delicious!

Happy Weekend!

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