Lazy Sunday

1 May

Today I slept in for some much needed zZz. On Friday I got up early to watch the Wedding. I set my alarm to 5:45am, which was perfect timing to see the first appearance of Kate and her dress. I watched like a giddy princess-obsessed 6 year old. I love the idea of fairy tales and as soon as they got into that carriage, it really did resemble a fairy tale:

By the way, I’m glad Wills put on his hat because he looks so much better without the baldness! Don’t you agree?

I also really loved Kate’s the rest of the rest of the world. You can’t go wrong with classic elegance.  I have a whole new appreciation for lace.

I’m also tired because yesterday morning I also woke up early: 7:10am. I was contemplating going to an early morning spin class the night before and the decision was pretty much confirmed after being woken up by the alarm I forgot I set.  I went and it felt great but I also had a packed schedule for the rest of the day which left no time for napping and I didn’t get to go to sleep until late.

So here I am today, nicely rested from sleeping in and doing nothing but lazing around. You know what is also being lazy (I like tangents)? My digestion!

“Ugh”, is all I have to say. Let’s hope for some regularity to kick in soon.

And with that pleasant note, I’ll leave you for today 🙂

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