Quick Update

28 Apr

Yesterday I did not have any sugary treats or unhealthy food in general! Woohoo. I did it and it felt good but I really had to work hard, especially at 3pm when I g0t bored and wanted to procrastinate by eating :S

Today I did okay. I did have a little treat in the morning as things got a bit stressful. In the afternoon, however, I was feeling really snacky while on my break but decided to get a manicure instead! Then when I returned, I realized I wasn’t even hungry! I just drank some tea and didn’t feel hungry until 2 hours later. Here’s the manicure that saved me from the unnecessary snackage:

Looks kinda orange in my impromptu blurry iphone photo but it’s more pink than orange. Love it and the manicure was only $15!

So tomorrow I am suppose to do my last sets of pushups for this week. I do pushups for the Pipes Challenge every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning before work and have been pretty much on schedule. Well, due to certain Royal events, I might skip Friday morning and postpone it to Saturday. Anyone else watching?

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