Done Like Dinner!

13 Apr

I’m done with my course! Done with studying and ready to move on to fun after work and weekend activities like cooking! Actually, I bring up cooking specifically because immediately after I finished my exam I proclaimed to myself: “I am going to make my boyfriend boeuf bourguignon!” Now I know I was thinking of my boyfriend because he has had a rough week but I have no idea why I thought of beef bourguignon. It sounds fancy as most French recipes do, but do I even know what it entails? Nope! I’m pretty sure it’s difficult to make. All I do know is that it includes beef and red wine and to me that sounds real good!

Hope it looks something like this in the end:

I’ll need to investigate this further.  Since my boyfriend is moving this weekend and I am helping (ie: official door opener), I’m tentatively scheduling this cooking project for next weekend.

Did I mention that I’m not very skilled in the cooking department? Therefore this should be really interesting.

Would love to chat more but I have some pushups to attend to. My yoga mat has been calling me since this morning when I pushed it aside in a stress induced exam related panic.

Until next time.

One Response to “Done Like Dinner!”

  1. Kira April 15, 2011 at 8:45 AM #

    Congratulations-you’re done! And congrats to your man on the move…stressful, but exciting, no? And now you’ve got a whole new territory to add your feminine touches (and the rich aroma of French cooking) to! x

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