Sometimes I get mad…

6 Apr

Sometimes I get mad, like when I call someone and they cannot hear me because their phone is dumb and then I have to call back 3 times, as they repeatedly hang up on me.  Some yelling was involved.

I’m not a crank caller. My hands are cold and I have to pee. I just want to tell you what time to pick me up before I lose reception. Bah!

I also got mad this morning. I was running late while I was putting my makeup bag away when, *crash, boom, bam* – my makeup compact exploded on the floor and all over my black pants. Bah! I blame it on the makeup case. It’s designed poorly. If you don’t carry it just so, items fall the incidents when my makeup brush fell in the sink….AND again in the toilet, which made me really mad!

You suck makeup bag!

The good news is the compact was almost done. The bad news is I don’t wear a lot of makeup so it could have lasted me well into the fall!

And I’ll leave it at that.


Brief recap of other stuff I’ve got going on:

Pipes challenge –  I’m surprised at my consistency. I haven’t missed a day in the pushup program yet. I did day 2 of week 3 this morning. I’m half way there people and feeling strong!

Emotional Eating – This week I seem to be back on track. Last weekend I ate to procrastinate. It was a bad scene.

Other – I have exactly one week left until my course ends… that is one week left to study my brains out for the exam. See you in a week, maybe? Hah.

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