Hello Weekend!

2 Apr

This week has been pretty crazy and I’m glad it’s over! I’m taking a break from studying to catch up on emails and blogs. It’s fun to get lost in other peoples lives..haha.

I started my weekend off right with some yummy food! Yesterday, I picked up dinner at Fresh restaurant for my boyfriend and I.

The menu:

  • Quinoa-battered onion rings, made-from-scratch and battered with puffed quinoa and sprinkled with sea salt
  • Warrior, soba noodles with chickpea and vegetable stew with rich coconut curry sauce and grilled spinach
  • Bbq burger, with tangy bbq sauce, quinoa-battered onion rings, garlic mayo, napa cabbage, hot banana chillies, tomato and lettuce

Not a great photo but the food was SUPER YUM!

This morning I was presented with the One Lovely Blog award by Marcy at (Don’t Be) Too Timid and Squeamish. Thanks for visiting my blog Marcy!

To accept the award I need to tell you seven things that you might not have known about me and pass this award on to some blogs that I have recently found. Now normally I don’t like participating in “chain mail” type activity, but this is a really nice way to connect to others in the blogging community.

7 things:

  1. I used to hate tomatoes. I had a bad nightmare when I was younger about tomatoes, of all things, and from that day on I never touched them. Today, tomatoes and I are cool. No hard feelings.
  2. I have long fingers. Not freakishly long but more like long and elegant. Piano players are jealous of me.
  3. I took dance lessons (tap, jazz, ballet) from age 6 to around age 24. I am no longer actively dancing but occasionally I take a drop in class.
  4. I still live at home with my parents. I’m saving to become a homeowner. Real estate in my city is crazy expensive.
  5. I have a Masters degree.
  6. I like to drink wine because it makes me feel like a fancy-pants.
  7. Seven…this is a number I never play when I buy a lottery ticket. It just seems too obvious. Yes, I know these things are randomly generated.

I am passing this award on to the following blogs below. The first two are actually not recently found. They are two friends of mine, sisters, who have lovely blogs that I really wanted to share. The last two blogs I did recently find and I think they are great!


Pre-emptive Nostalgia
Slightly / Aubergine
Can You Stay for Dinner?
Clean eating chelsey

One Response to “Hello Weekend!”

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