Hair done, Arms ready…

20 Mar

Finally, finally, finally, I went to the hairdresser! After months of neglect, I got my hair texturized, deep conditioned, and styled. Oh and I also got close to 2 inches of split ends chopped off! The result…

In food news, I’ve been doing so-so with my whole emotional eating episode. I would say, five out of seven days this week, I did really well. Friday night was a bust (apple blossoms) and Saturday I ate even after I felt full (chocolate covered almonds). BUT, today is a new day and my will power will improve. For example, today, I spent more than 5 minutes in the kitchen trying to cut a portion of a frozen oven pizza because I didn’t want to cook and potentially eat the whole thing! HAHAHA. Let me tell you, frozen pizza is not easy to cut with a knife!!

Tomorrow I start the PIPES Challenge. As I mentioned before, I am taking part by doing the 100 pushups challenge. Today I did the “initial test” where you are supposed to do as many good form pushups as you can to see which program to follow. Now I have been able to do 20… sometimes 30 consecutive pushups in the past but have they all been in proper form? Probably not.  Today I accomplished 11 solid and consecutive pushups. This places me in the third column, as seen below, and this is what I’ll be doing in the A.M.



  up to 5 push ups 6 – 10 push ups 11 – 20 push ups
SET 1 2 6 10
SET 2 3 6 12
SET 3 2 4 7
SET 4 2 4 7
SET 5 max (at least 3) max (at least 5) max (at least 9)

Okay I better stop typing now so I can conserve my upper body strength for this challenge!

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