9 Mar

Today was a positively gross day weather wise. It was raining and snowing ….at the same time. This is known as sleet. I hate sleet. It produced ample amounts of slushy grossness on the streets, icy patches on the sidewalks and an accumulation of snow everywhere else. My attempt to take a break outside lasted all of 15 minutes.

Soon, however, I forgot about the weather and focused on the satisfying food I brought with me to work today. Nothing special but still good.

Snack: Goldfish -Ideal for snack-crazed individuals like myself.

Lunch: Red Lentil and Vegetable soup with baby carrots on the side -Tasty and filling!

Snack: Coffee – Half hot chooclate/Half coffee, the only way I can drink it (, I didn’t win.)

Snack: Banana with Peanut Butter – I almost forgot I had this in my bag. It was a much welcomed surprise.

While the food improved my mood, it could not do a thing for my hair, which looked a bit like this after reacting to the wet weather.

*Sigh*…I seriously need to visit my hairdresser real soon.

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